Matthieu Meynier Biography
Matthieu values stories more than most things, because they are the journeys others take through life.
His personal adventures began with his own father, a storyteller and a figure of French radio for 23 years. Matthieu spent his youth listening under the covers in his bed to his small radio as his dad told amazing stories about countries and different cultures.
His father also used the airwaves to assist others, such as a trucker who would have forgotten his wallet in a restaurant, or who needed to change his route because there was snow in the tunnel that prevented travel over the mountain.

Matthieu eventually relocated to the United States and received his degree in journalism so that he could honor his father and
tell the stories of others. Now he finds these defining, unscripted moments in his own career helping others share their journeys, chronicling more weddings in the last 13 years than he can count. Others, in turn, appreciate Mattieu’s art and vision so much that he has been featured many places, including Wedding Chicks, Style me Pretty, Today’s Bride, and Ceremony magazine.

Matthieu currently shares his optimism and sense of humor from behind the scenes in San Francisco with the love of his life Regina, exploring the city on their Vespa, biking in the park, traveling far and close, and cuddling on the couch, watching movies without any interruption. She balances his creative and impulsive behavior with her well rounded personality and beautiful smile. They are still creating their story.

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